Tim is involved in many (but not all) fads. Here are a few that he was and wasn't involved in.


Obviously, Timotheus loves his PlayStation, and it's his only real friend, if not including Sackboy and Mason. He only has about 10 real-life 'friends' on it, and the rest are online slaves.


Tim started the iPod fad, being the first of his year to get one. It broke about a year after getting it, so he was about the only one without one for a good two years. He now is the second one to get a 4G.


Cows (fad) date back to around when Timmy was in 2nd grade. Him and Anthony found out the awesomeness and created an exclusive club and much more. Tim quit from the immaturity around late fourth grade, but Anthony's cow spirit still lives on.


Tim was a fan of nintendo for a long time, but then decided Littlebigplanet could easily beat anything Nintendo. Anthony's Nintendo spirit still lives on.