Tim before he left the womb.

Tim likes many things. Here you will learn about some.


Tim just LOVES LittleBigPlanet. It is the story of his life and he is godly at it. He will beat your socks like you are a muffin. If you would like to verse him, you can't, you'd lose in a second.

Call of DutyEdit

Although he is anti-violence, Timmy likes CoD. He likes blowing people up and it makes him laugh. It is fun for him to run around really fast and shoot people with a knife.


Although enslaved to Tim, his friends are dear to him. If he hadn't enslaved them all, they would hate him and run away from his dictatorship. Don't mess with Timmy!


He likes to peg people.

Pegging PeopleEdit

As above mentioned.

Fun timesEdit

They are fun.


Timmy likes telephones because he can talk to his slaves easilier.